Part-Time Members

Terry Robbins

Bedford, Nova Scotia
» Appointed to a part-time term of four years on March 12, 2018.

T.H. (Terry) Robbins, P. Eng., CD, has 35 years of progressive experience in engineering and management roles in the Canadian Armed Forces and the aviation industry. He has held increasingly senior positions within the Department of National Defence (DND), including an exchange posting with the United States Navy. His primary experience is on helicopters, most notably the Sea King and Cormorant, although he has worked on various fixed wing aircraft as well. For showing exceptional leadership in preparing the Sea King helicopters to safely participate in the liberation of Kuwait, Mr. Robbins was awarded the Canadian Chief of the Defence Staff Commendation. In recognition of his outstanding program management skills while working with the United States Navy, Mr. Robbins was awarded a Secretary of the United States Navy Commendation. Since his retirement from the DND, he has worked in engineering and program management in the commercial aviation industry. He was delegated the authority of Senior Maintenance Manager in an Accredited Maintenance Organization by DND's Technical Airworthiness Authority and has also been a Design Engineer. Mr. Robbins has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick.