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Jacqueline Corado

Ms. Jacqueline Corado was called to the Quebec Bar in 2005 and has since practiced in the fields of litigation, administrative law and adjudication. She has worked in both the private and public sectors, in all levels of government: municipal, provincial and federal. She has been a presenter at numerous workshops and conferences in her fields of practice. Jacqueline has been working in transport law since 2010 and has considerable expertise in all domains of transport: aviation, marine, rail, motor vehicles, and international bridges and tunnels. In 2015, she joined the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada where was the chief legal counsel until her appointment as vice-chair. Among other initiatives, she created curricula and all training materials for Tribunal members and was responsible for the professional development of all current adjudicators and the chairperson at the TATC, including the selection process that saw 44 adjudicators appointed. She revamped and strengthened policies for the Tribunal, including information management and the handling of secret information. Jacqueline is fully bilingual and a recognized expert in Charter issues (for both the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms). She was nominated as an assessor to the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal prior to her nomination as vice chair of the TATC. The TATC is a federal quasi-judicial tribunal; it goes without saying that the work involved at the Tribunal requires highly specialized legal expertise in the domains of administrative law, litigation, adjudication and transport law. Jacqueline has all the required and proven legal skills to be part of it and her expertise has been recognized numerous times in the legal community.